About Auto-Clean Technology


Auto-clean innovation from Kutchina


As we move further into the 21st century , advancement in technology continues to simplify our day-to-day work . A standing proof of this reality , Kutchina brings India its first auto-clean chimney .


Gone are the days when chimney-cleaning was a Herculean task , where one would have to dismantle the filter one piece at a time and scrub vigorously in order to get rid of dirt and stubborn oil stains. Forget the hassles of Mesh and Baffel filters , which require constant upkeep to avoid rust and oil accumulation , leading to hazardous health problems . With Kutchina's auto-clean chimney , just a press of a button and the chimney gets rid of all the dirt and debris , leaving your chimney sparkling clean .


Continuing its promise of perfection , Kutchina's auto-clean chimneys are a breath of fresh air.



The benefits of an Auto-clean chimney


The benefits of Kutchina's Auto-clean chimneys multi-fold . Apart from saving you the hassles of manual cleaning and giving your kitchen a fresh and healthy environment , Kutchina's Auto-clean chimneys also save you time which you can dedicate to your family .



Kutchina's 1st Generation Auto-clean chimney



The simple steps are :


* Pour soap water

* Press Auto-clean switch

* Advanced technology deposits dirt in the oil collector

* Empty oil collector and chimney is sparkling clean



Kutchina's 2nd Generation Auto-clean chimney


The simple steps are :


*  Prepare a soap solution and pour it in the oil containner

*  Press the auto-clean button

*  Wait as the chimney cleans itself and let the dirty water out into the container at the back



Kutchina's 3rd Generation Auto-clean chimney


The simple steps are :


*  Switch on the chimney

*  The heating coil ( around the cover that covers the motor ) starts heating for 15-20 mins. The motor does not run and the oil inside gets liquidised

*  After the heat is complet , start the machine and run it for 1 minute and the residual oil inside is let out 

*  The total system stops after this process is over.